Conformity is based on what you see everyday. Look elsewhere when job seeking.

On a day like this, which is excellent people watching weather, you start to notice something…I am sitting on Princeton’s campus.

Boots and sneakers. Lots of boots and sneakers. On almost every woman walking past. I appreciate the social pressures of fashion and that I am in the northeast, but I reminds me that people surround themselves in what they know…which is something to challenge when seeking a career move.

As the economy rebounds and jobs open even more, an exodus will occur.

But be sure to consider what you don’t see around you. Companies are going to hire all kinds of people seeking all kinds of talent. Try and see beyond what you know. Consider what you don’t see everyday and talk to people and learn their experiences that are vastly different.

Then consider positions that fight your surrounding conformity. You may really find something you like.

Oh look…there go a pair of sandals…

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