200 Words: Mobility and Relocation Belong to Talent

These are cost savings that can go under the radar.  The use of agencies can take center stage, but not all agencies fees for management exceed $40,000, but many relocations for those position do. Find out if you have savings. Look at the 2009 hires  – both using internal and external. Include promotions and transfers. Spreadsheet with req as column A, column B are any fees associated with agencies or excessive spends, and column C is the relocation costs associated. Which is the biggest number and the more frequent occurrence?

Don’t stop moving people – start thinking differently. First, explore relocation necessity and strategy. A transfer from another location using relo should be career enabling, fit a need, and increase retention.  If it does not do those things, why are you moving an internal vs hiring a local external? Second – look at patterns. You may start to see options for using advance mobility solutions to change how work gets done. If you want a strategic conversation with leadership, show them how you will save X million with a mobility solution that you can staff to. They will listen.

This saved money may not be yours, but definitely take the credit for the savings.

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