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The Rise of Big Data

“Big Data is a concept that is becoming more prevalent in the modern business world. What is Big Data? While there is no universal definition for Big Data, it is often defined as data that is always being collected and expanded as time goes on. Andrew Gadomski, founder of Aspen Advisors, a consulting and HR technology company that specializes in providing businesses with workforce analytic tools and processes, is an expert on big data. We recently had the opportunity to talk to Andrew to learn a little more about big data, the impact that it will have on businesses in the future and what Big Data brings to the table.”–exerpt from The Rise of Big Data on CKR Interactive blog

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Use Big Data to Make Big Changes

I love when I have a conversation that reminds why I do what I do. The kind of conversation that gets your MOJO flowing. I was in Chicago this week talking Big Data for HR at a forum that was alongside the ERE conference – lots of good people, good times, and good conversations – especially on using data to help make decisions about people.

Its great to see some of the worlds largest companies trying to get a handle on data to make decisions. But its not big data usually. Its cool, revealing – but usually not big data. Combining your systems of record is not big data. Thats just transparency.

Then I had a conversation today about analyzing work product, communications and data to better understand workplace violence or data violations. Protecting intellectual property, patents, copyrights, engineering using communication tracking, data downloads, outbound communications and leaks. AWESOME.That’s why I got into this – and sometimes I forget that. I didn’t get into data to make dashboards – I did it because with evidence comes action, and with action comes change.

I get so caught up in measuring service level agreements, metrics, targets and measures across multiple systems (which is where lots of companies are btw) that I forget to push the envelope with companies on how to use big data for REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF. Here are some examples:

1 – using GPS, EDI, health, and time monitoring to know employees are operating safely
2 – tracking communications to make stealth programs stay stealthy
3 – comparing open source programming to internal programming to protect  invention
4 – using voice based analytics to know if customers are happier

Thats whats up. Thats changing business. Protecting our people, our customers, and our ideas.

Just remember that with all evidence and data the basics will come. Profits will increase, waste will reduce, and operations will be better. They will. But remember the REALLY BIG STUFF.

Credentials do not always equal expertise

Getting hammered with invites on training and certifications lately. Sourcing, recruiting, human capital strategy, analytics etc. Most have the same concept – come for a day or two, or week – or take 40 hours of training and get “credentials”.

I am all for training – take everyone you get invited to, learn, use and share. Pass the learning to friends and colleagues. Even I took all the coursework for being a PMP years ago, and learned a ton.

But you know what – recruiting and sourcing are quite a bit different than they were a few years ago – and they will be different in a few years. So here is my POV

1 – find a program like that mirrors the Project Management Institutes way of thinking – you need to recertify and take new courses all the time. Make sure you have to maintain your credentials or you will lose them.

2 – do a certification that is mandated by one party, but taught by another. HRCI credits are an example. I could make up a “certification” and charge for it – but who is auditing our work? Align with academics if possible here.

3 – expertise is honed by using training and techniques over time. I’m a big fan of the 10,000 hours of time in anything makes you an expert – so think carefully about your certification and if it will stand up 10000 hours from now

Have a great weekend all!!