200 Words: Flexagility

I totally stole this word from a client and it means exactly what you think – the ability to be flexible with the work you perform.

In the continued conversation about transformation and the “new recruiting”, flexagility may be one of the most critical functions of the “new recruiter”, aka Talent Officer or Talent Advisor. One area of concern is social networking and it’s relevance to sourcing.

Advisors may want to consider knowing how to perform the work themselves by having great training on the uses of facebook, linkedin, etc so managers know that they are experts yet also flex out the sourcing for prospects via social networks to people that don’t engage the managers directly.

Here is why:
1 it’s easy to violate protected classes by browsing social networks. Having a person who does not interact directly with the manager who does the browsing adds insulation

2 you can burn quite a bit of time hunting on social networks when reacting to an open role. Should you be keystroking or talking to candidates? Ask your managers what they think.

3 Twitter and status reports have now become about attention…look at my link. This is an attraction strategy, not a hunting strategy (like a LinkedIn inmail or Twitter direct message). Smart links save time and that can be managed by your employment brand teams

So have flexagility when it comes to social networking. Try not to own all of the activity yourself…own what you can to add value and protect your business.

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