Change Management: Assign Great Responsibility

Straight out of Pritchett, but undeniable. Change management is a tricky business, and our team knows cause we are in it. But there are certain concepts that must be brought to fruition in order to make change sticky.

Assigning great responsibility to members of the team (not necessarily leaders) is a key ingredient. With great responsibility comes accountability and with accountability comes innovation.

Have team members come up with ideas and vet them for feasibility. They typically will need more than one way to address a problem, so be sure to ask for the other options they considered and why those were dismissed. First time around they may not have alternatives, and then that lesson is learned.

Then ask for how they tested and prototyped the solution. Likely another lesson but a good one. Soon solutions make sounds business sense and your team members are placing strong ideas that they truly believe in right in your hand. That’s why assigning great responsibility works – it’s designed, tested, and adopted by the people that need to execute the changes.

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