200 Words: Feedback

This is not something to fear, but embrace. Being proactive about your production, process, and relationship management capability with your clients is a good thing. Even our team needs to do it more.

Feedback can be achieved on a daily or weekly basis, or even at the end of a project, but there is a difference between formal and informal feedback, and it’s the formal kind that can really reveal areas of improvement and reinforcement.

There are rules to employee engagement, so don’t go to crazy with your surveys. Get the right type of support and assistance in creating formalized feedback programs. But if you remember anything, have a strong action plan in place to respond to your findings. And that is the lesson. You want to hear poor feedback? Ask your customer what they think and do nothing in response to learning about areas of need.

Feedback starts with asking but is seen as strong when acted upon for improvement. Don’t be scared to ask and act. That is what talent advisors do.

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