Location, Location, Location

This idea may never go away. Where the work is always a consideration for people when a new job is in question. That goes for people outside the organization as much as inside the organization.

As you build the employer value proposition, realize that location and it’s sale changes for every candidate, and actually changes for each employee as time goes by. It’s easy to forget that new roads, restaurants, services, and transit are always changing, not to mention the lives of the people you are considering for the job.

Start with the location of the work and the building itself. What are the advantages of the facility? Is is green? Do you have neighbors? Is it stand alone? Does it have free parking? Transit access? Many of these may or may not be important to each particular candidate.

Then move to the services around it. What’s it like to be around the facility? Close to shopping, food, services?

Now think about the candidate and how they get there. Closer? Easier? Shorter? More traffic? Closer transit stop? More frequent transit?

Now realize that what you are considering now will change for employees and candidates as time goes by. A planned construction project along a commuting route can derail someone coming to you OR be a way to close them. Weather can be a serious factor, especially if you are good at knowing what your candidate has experienced previously.

Last thing…know where your candidate or employee lives. The actual address. The conveniences, services, and location of their home may be an indicator of how your location may or may not be an advantage. It your location is the opposite way of the school they drop the kids at each morning, it’s a consideration THEY are making that you may not realize.

Location is part of the Personal Match category of the employee value proposition. There are Four Corners to every employee value proposition, and a balance across the four is desired to make a strong match from employee to employer. The Four Corners are Development, Work Experience, Personal Match, and Financial.

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