Growth & Innovation – a part of the employer value proposition

People have all types of influences and considerations when evaluating a job. Our “Four Corners” documents several dozen aspects of the employment value proposition.

One is Growth and Innovation. A company has the ability to distinguish itself by having a growth and innovation plan (and actual actions) and relating that plan it to current and potential employees.

How are you growing? What’s your plan? Better than competitors? What industries are you moving into and why? What new processes, technologies, tools, or inventions is your team using?

If you are not discussing these things with your own employees, then they are perceiving those items on their own, which may contribute to retention issues.

And if your not discussing these things with candidates, then they are trying to find out on their own. Only problem is since your not talking about it, it may mean others have not heard anything about your company in regards to growth or innovation, so now even the street says your doing nothing. Not the validation you want.

Meanwhile your competitors in the talent market place are talking about how they grow and innovate. Where do you think top talent will go when the offers are similar? Where do you think your employees will go when they don’t hear about growth internally?

It’s Spring time in the US. Start bragging about your garden 🙂

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