The Madness of March / Spring Awakening

Without fail, every year March is a month of unpredictability; the weather changes from summer-like temperatures one day to freezing rain the next, upsets in the NCAA Basketball tourney were making bracket-fanatics go crazy, and the ups and downs of the Republican presidential candidacy race has everyone wondering what will happen next.

On the same token, March has been a notoriously busy month for business. Companies are coming out of their winter hibernation and starting on projects to take on through the spring and summer. The “new year” of business is finally upon us, even though it may have started a few months ago. With the warmer winds flow fresh ideas and an energy that may have been lost in the cold. And even as the workload gets heavier, there is an overwhelming sense of cool among coworkers and clients alike as the promise of a spring awakening is in front of us.

I am so excited for what Spring means. It means people coming out of their “shells”, and not necessarily the typical use of that word. Maybe a “shell” is anxiety over unemployment after a layoff or that of a college senior worried about finding a job after graduation. This is the time to renew and get back on your feet. Even with the economy the way it is, there are plenty of opportunities out there that may not be what you have had in mind. Don’t worry: Things rarely go exactly how we expect. Find other things that interest you and look there, too. You might find something you love.

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