Focus on Assessment – Planning and Organization

It is no novel idea: Being well organized and planning ahead in any business is a major factor to its success. It is fair to say that on any given day on the talent acquisition spectrum in today’s world, having highly developed organizational plans is CRITICAL. As a recruiter, sourcer, hiring manager or virtually any other position in a recruiting business, you are dealing with multitudes of people, some of whom you work with on a daily basis, and many of whom you have never met. The needs of all these people, however, are of equally high demand. Getting mixed up, confused or lost is not an option when it comes to having CONTROL over your responsibilities and the needs of others.

When it comes down to it, having (or taking) control of your affairs is the goal of organization. Planning for a busy week and organizing your workloads will help you gain control of your hectic and stressful days. It will also better prepare you for insinuating circumstances – which happen way too frequently. Did you ever think you were ready to take on the day and then you are pulled into three meetings and before you know it, it’s 4pm? Where did your day go? PLAN for these kinds of days, and make the time for the planning. It might be an hour of out your day, but it will save you so much time in the end.

Make to-do lists, and feel great when you cross things off. Keep a calendar with everything that is coming up in the next two months, and keep the calendar within eyesight at work. This will help you gain perspective on the work that is needed. Set meetings in advance to avoid last-minute confusion and time restraints. Know your limits and work with them. Spend 15 minutes each day to regroup and reassess your workload.

Being organized will make your more productive, make you feel in control and as a result, you will perform better. You will have less stress and anxiety, your clients and coworkers will see a difference and you will excel in the workplace. If you plan and organize yourself, it will make your job (and life) easier.

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