Why a Recruiter Should Take Every Telemarketing Call

What an opportunity to hone your skills. Every time a telemarketer calls, they are doing one thing – selling you. They want you to take a poll, they want you to get a newspaper – whatever. They are going to do their best job at selling you.

Sound familiar? Probably because you sell all day long. Calling people you don’t know and asking for referrals, or if they are interested.

But how often are you on the defensive? I will bet its much less than being on the offensive. And you need to understand and know your enemy in order to know yourself as Sun Tzu says.

So take the call. Listen the pitch. And then pull it apart. Tell them in the nicest, most polite way that your are not interested, but give the business case as to why. Make it obvious that your are right, and they are not. make sure at the same time you make that telemarketer feel like they are doing their job well, and they appreciate your time.

You will see some results in your own pitches. You will see that you get to position stronger, and get more people to identify with your point of view. Sometime the best offense is a good defense. So next time, don’t hang up on the Wall Street Journal guy…convince him why he should never call again – nicely.

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