Top 5 reasons you need to be at #SRSC.

Everyone, and I mean everyone who wants their businesses to stay relevant, effective, and savvy, knows how important a role social media can play in this tech-based world we live in. Social media platforms have not only become venues for job boards and recruitment efforts — they are now some of the frontrunners for finding and attracting talent. For those of us playing on the Talent Acquisition field, the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC) is the pinnacle event of the season for specifically that. Here are the top 5 reasons you should be there:

Reason #1: Two days of enlightening social media recruiting strategies to better your biz.

The future of social media is here. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn — forget what you used to know about them (finding friends, colleagues, and uploading pictures of food and animals). Learn how to market the talent search in a way that appeals to specific people, and promote yourselves as “ahead of the curve” through brand-new strategies taught by the best.

Reason #2: A speaker list comprising world-class business leaders and their above-and-beyond ideas.

The 2016 SRSC speakers comprise heads of business, thought leaders, and all around bad-a$$es in the businesses of Social Media Marketing and Talent Acquisition. They know their stuff, and there is no doubt that people on the receiving side of the info presented will be better for it. You can find the full speaker list here.

Reason #3: A San Francisco treat

If you didn’t already figure it out from the image above, this year’s event is held in San Fran, the gem of the Pacific Northwest and home to several A-List players of the industry who will be in attendance.

Reason #4: Andrew Gadomski as emcee of the conference will surely keep you engaged, if not laughing, throughout the event.

Aside from his emcee gig, he is also presenting a panel during the conference on Data Visualization and Storytelling, alongside Bryan Chaney, Barry Hurd, and Kyle Lagunas. Don’t miss out on this!

Reason #5: Networking events galore, and other opportunities for business connections.

Lastly, an added bonus of any conference is the networking opportunities that are presented organically. Moreover, you can bet that people in attendance at this conference specifically are like-minded lovers of modern business practices. What do you have to lose?

(C) 2016 Aspen Advisors

Measure Waste, Not Just Results.

I am preparing for HRO today in Scotland. Nothing like presenting to a few hundred people to get your blood pumping. Per my typical MO, I think about previous presentations.

At the Social Recruiting Strategies conference, our panel threw up a list of metrics for the attendees – they all wanted it. As speakers, we were dancing around “which metrics make sense” for the first two days a bit. So I tossed out a list of over 50 measures neatly categorized. That was easy to do.

But nobody asked me the hard question…what’s the ONE that we need to measure that we probably aren’t?

WASTE. Pure and simple. The easiest way to increase yield, productivity, service, speed and cost is all about reducing waste.

100 ppl apply. Interview 5. Hire 1. Never hiring anyone else from the other 99 is 99% waste, 1% capitalization. This is done all the time.

The less waste you create and have to manage, the more service can be offered. Easy concept to understand. Try these to help you get streamlined:

1) Applicants per interview – you over 10:1? 20:1?? Stop over sourcing or turn off the req from applications. Why are you intending to tell so many people “no”?

2) reschedule percentage – both for candidates and hiring managers. Maybe you have automated scheduling with only technology, but it’s such a waste of time and resources

3) debrief effectiveness and compliance – if you are performing inconsistently or it’s not effective, then WHY? If your organization is just going to do thumbs up thumbs down, then own it. By the way, if you can’t track this easily, then how are you doing it anyway and proving for compliance??

4) casting the wide net – easy shrimp boat captains – be selective about attraction strategies and broadcasting widely. It demands more mgmt, technology tracking, and brings in more applicants who just hear “no”

All things being equal, we typically see a 30 to 40 percent waste reduction if you watch this closely.

That can equate into increasing req load per recruiter (but that’s a mistake). Instead, increase service to your internal teams, assessment and evaluation, and feedback to managers, candidates and colleagues 🙂

A Thank You to SHRM

In anticipation of the SHRM Annual Conference next week in Chicago, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of all standards committees and other active participants in the ANSI/SHRM HR Standards process.  Since 2009 the work of SHRM and their focus on compiling standards for the HR world has dramatically changed the way companies large and small conduct HR practices.

The combination of members, non-members and laymen of the HR field brings a unique perspective to each committee.  In addition, SHRM’s affiliation with ANSI and ISO has extended the reach of the developed standards and made the work of these committees all the more important.

Lee Webster’s leadership provides a solid foundation for the taskforce and committee members to examine the current issues related to the HR practices and develop the appropriate and approachable standards regarding the many procedures and metrics within the HR industry.

Aspen is looking forward to the HR Standards events at the SHRM Annual Conference next week.


Featured Video: Sourcing and Recruiting Social Summit

The Sourcing and Recruiting Social Summit was held in Washington, DC in early April and brought together industry experts to share tools, techniques and strategies around the optimization of sourcing and recruiting channels.  Aspen attended to absorb the insights of the recruiting organizations, sourcers and talent acquisitions managers.  This one day event had a number of different sessions focusing on social sourcing and recruiting, using social media in recruiting, mobile recruiting and much more.  Speakers included Shally Steckerl, Carmen Hudson, Glenn Gutmacher and many other industry experts.

Enjoy this quick video of the some of the attendees speaking about their takeaways from the conference, including Aspen’s Andrew Gadomski on the many important uses of digital technology that go beyond sourcing and recruiting.

Corporate Learning & Talent Development Summit 2013

 The Corporate Learning and Talent Development Summit, hosted my Marcus Evans, is coming up next week.  Our Chief Advisor, Andrew Gadomski is looking forward to hosting a roundtable discussion at the event.  His roundtable, titled “HR Big Data–Linking Learning and Development Directly to Profit” promises to be a lively and engaging discussion about what companies are doing to measure L&D’s direct impact to the business. Andrew will introduce the almostunlimited possibilities using your current systems and data integration, and how data can change the way you manage your entire L&D strategy.

This unique event not only covers many interesting topics in the roundtable format, but also helps buyers and sellers come together in an invite only setting.  The Summit offers solution providers, learning, HR and talent management executives from leading American corporations the ideal environment for discussion about new innovations shaping the industry.