#SRSCDallas2016 – An Introduction

The time is upon us, people.

You’re probably thinking: Summer? Long weekends? Patriotic holidays?

Well – that too. But in the Recruiting and Talent Acquisition world, the time that comes second to only beach season itself. Twice a year, we get to participate in a socially-savvy-star-studded event known as the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference, or the SRSC.

With the city of Dallas as its backdrop, the SRSC kicks off July 26 with a lineup of presenters that comprises the industry’s top contributors to successful social recruiting, including the likes of Jim Schnyder of PepsiCo, Carrie Corbin of American Airlines, and Adriana Kevill of KRT Marketing, who gave an unforgettable lecture at the San Francisco SRSC back in January.

Our own Andrew Gadomski will also be spearheading a talk around the importance of data analytics in recruiting.

There is no doubt that everyone takes something valuable away from these stellar presentations, but more importantly, there is a sense of community within a community at the SRSC. Make connections, meet new people, share ideas, and gain better business insights.

Don’t be left out in the heat this summer – register for SRSC Dallas here and be #fire with us (without all the sweating).

And, as always, #TalkDataToMe. See you in Texas!

SRSC 2016: 10 great takeaways from San Francisco.

The Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC) commenced last week and for two days, recruiting leaders from around the country joined forces to spin a web of Talent Acquisition inspiration. Though I am not a recruiter, to say I left with knowledge that any business can use to grow would be an understatement.

The first day began with an emotional presentation by Celia Harper-Guerra, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Illumina, a company that uses next-generation sequencing to prevent terminal illness, among other incredible advancements. The conference continued with high-profile recruiters like Chrissy Thornhill of Salesforce on attracting talent through Instagram, and social data enthusiasts like Barry Hurd of Online RPM illustrating (literally) the interest patterns of all the SRSC speakers.

There are too many great soundbites to list, but here some of last week’s finest advice, tips, and revelations (in no particular order) for better social recruiting:

1. To do employment branding well, you need to build trust with employees and get them to help you write the playbook.” Bryan Chaney, Indeed

2. “Educate all your new hires to embrace change.Craig Fisher, CA Technologies

3. “Employees can reach 10x more than a brand can, and have 8x more engagement on content than a brand.” Adriana Kevill, KRT Marketing

4. Recruitment content [on Instagram] should differ from the consumer channel. Chrissy Thornhill, Salesforce

5. “Remember: Your executives may not understand social, so speak to them in a way that they understand.” Allison Kruse, Kforce

6. “Never let a candidate go into the weekend who’s had an interview or phone screen without reaching out. Let them know the status, even if there is no news.” Stacy Zapar, Tenfold

7. “The biggest return on investment is having a happy employee who stays.” Andres Traslavina, Whole Foods Market

8. “Your number one customer is your candidate.” Kevin Grossman, Talent Board

9. “Recruiting is like fishing. You have to be patient and sometimes you just have to hold your mouth right.” Will Thomson, Bulls Eye Recruiting

10. “Your network is your net worth.” Celia Harper-Guerra, Illumina

Which are your favorites?

Tips from the Experts: SRSC 2016 Edition

In just one week, a bevy of Social Recruiting and Talent Acquisition experts will fill the halls of a downtown San Francisco hotel, and their invaluable business ideas will fall on the ears of hundreds of attendees at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC). Today, Aspen presents a sneak peek of what is to come. For this edition, we caught up with Andres Traslavina of Whole Foods and Allison Kruse of Kforce who have kindly shared their tips and insights for better social recruiting strategies.

“Our role as recruiters is to place people in companies they love and in roles where they can flourish as a person and as professionals,” says Traslavina.

What is the best way of doing this? Moving beyond the linear playing field of standard data findings:

“The most effective tool to discover new talent for your company is your instinct and ability to move beyond singular data points,” he continues.

Data should tell a story, and if a company cannot see past the numbers on their charts and graphs, they are losing a significant chunk of their potential candidacy.

Allison Kruse, Senior Manager of Social Media & Talent Acquisition at Kforce, understands the importance of employee training for Social Recruiting. Furthermore, she can appreciate the expansive and, often times, overwhelming space that comprises Talent Acquisition within social media platforms.

“Focus on your people. Provide the support and training needed to empower them to optimize their use of social media,” Kruse recommends. “The big world of social media can be an intimidating place, and many employees worry about saying the wrong thing or getting in trouble.

Her advice?

“Spend time with your people. Understand what they know how to do, and what they don’t, and help them fill in the gaps. Your efforts will not only engage your fellow employees, but will go a long way toward enhancing your employer brand.

The bottom line: “Employees who feel appreciated, challenged, and trusted tend to stay.”

We could not agree more, and are looking forward to seeing what more Andres, Allison, and the other presenters have in store for the #SRSC.