2010 Predictions – Part 2

Not to many predictions out there to comment on, so time to get on with mine. There is plenty of talk about what happenned in 2009 with lessons learned. Seems like every technology and rpo has a document on what to learn from 2009.

#1: Part time and outsourced work will be considered more as a way to get work done. Outsourcing is part of the talent space for sure as is part time employment but savvy hr leaders are going to be more careful about staffing up full time help and may look for slightly more expensive solutions per hour, but will consider less management responsibility and just less hours to reduce expense and avoid quick layoffs. HR leaders and talent managers will pay more attention to contingent and temporary labor as well and don’t be surprised to have these functions start to have goal alignment to talent leaders.

#2 efficiency and mobile technologies will become used more and become more robust. AT&T has an app for recruiting but that is not where mobility and technology starts, although it is really slick. Recruiters will also increase usage of text and social networks, but the real technology advances will be in operations. More assessment usage on the front end of an ats, scheduling tools, better onboarding technologies to increase retention is what I am talking about. Recruiters and HR leaders incorporating technology that reduce administration and increase self service.

#3 the grab for green jobs will continue and thrive in small business and large scale initiatives. Several labor department reforms and the job bill coming out of the white house give businesses the incentive to hire people and create jobs, but even more so when it’s about green work or community needs. Watch for larger green manufacturing retooling or initiatives which help companies create new products but also help them rehire. Not convinced that it means a surge of people leaving current jobs for green ones, but every organization needs to think about how being green enable the employees and retains them.

#4 we can do that too! Hit hard by the economy, talent vendors will continue to scramble and acquire new tools, competencies and products. Some will be very enabling (peopleclick authoria is one I like) as they combine two technologies or players that are logical. Be wary though of the rpo that now does workforce planning or the ats company that does employment branding. Business is about serving the client but it’s about margin too. I do suggest you review each of your primary vendors and understand their skill set though. Great opportunity to learn and really understand what they can do and what they should not do for you.

More to come later this week.

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