Workflow Stage 5 | Closing the Deal

Step 1: Final Candidate Communication

Maintain communication with final and backup candidates. More than 1 party may be involved in managing this step, including the recruiter and the hiring manager, and HR. Special processes may be involved with internal candidates or contingent labor candidates.

Responsible Parties: Hiring Manager

Step 2: Offer Preparation (Optional)

The hiring manger provides offer details via a form or communication as needed.

HRBP prepares a document (deal sheet) with a suggested offer that outlines the offer package, its features, and benefits, and how those features should be positioned directly to the candidate. This tool is to be used as a discussion reference when communicating with the candidate verbally and pre-closing the offer.

Responsible Parties: HRBP

Step 3: Execute Formal Offer

Once an offer is approved, an offer is presented to the (final) candidate in writing from the HRBP. Delivery of a verbal offer can be executed by the Hiring Manager, detailing specifics.

Responsible Parties: HRBP (and hiring manager if verbal)

Step 4: Negotiate and Close Offer with Candidate

Anticipate that two levels of service may be required to execute that offer. One is straightforward and relatively quick (get approval, fill out, deliver, accept) while the other may involve compensation planning, strong negotiations, counteroffers, or secondary offers.

Responsible Parties: Hiring Manager (and HRBP for consult)

Step 5: Perform Pre-Hire Checks

Initiate the 3rd party prehire checks and assure their completion. This includes drug screen, background checks and other suitable pre-hire activities. Reference checks are advisable for exempt positions, and should be completed by the hiring manager directly.

Responsible Parties: Local Office Manager

Step 6: Close Requisition (Close Requisition)

Upon completion and passing of the background check, HR Ops will mark the position as filled in ATS.

Responsible Parties: HRBP