Needs Analysis

Step 1: Identify Need / Workforce Plan

A position is created as in need of a replacement for any number of reasons.

Responsible Party:  Line of Business Hiring Manager, HRBP

Step 2: Review Internal Talent / Succession Plans

An analysis of the internal teams is conducted to determine if any current employees should be approached to take over the position.

Responsible Parties: Line of Business Hiring Manager, HRBP

Step 3: Compliance Review

Legal exposures are investigated such that the opening of the position would not violate any merger/acquisition agreements, reduction in force mandates, special labor contracts, joint ventures, etc.

Responsible Party: HRBP

Step 4: Prepare Job Description

Prepare job description with appropriate tasks and requirements.

Responsible Parties: HRBP, Line of Business Hiring Manager

Step 5: Posting Exceptions

Capture exceptions to standard posting procedures e.g. if the position is to be kept in confidence

Responsible Parties: HRBP

Step 6: Internal Approval Processes

LoB Approvers must approve the requisition by a standardized process. They will likely verify headcount, budget, and banding.

Responsible Parties: HRBP, Line of Business Hiring Manager

Step 7: Intake with Hiring Manager

Conduct an intake session with LoB Hiring Manager to discover nuances and details of the role (if required).

Responsible Parties: Line of Business Hiring Manager, Recruiting

Step 8: Assessment Question Creation

Produce four to seven primary assessment questions and desired responses for evaluation of candidates.

Responsible Parties: Line of Business Hiring Manager

Step 9: Sourcing Plan Design

The designated recruiter will prepare a sourcing and recruiting strategy based on the intake. They will review lessons learned from previous work, prepare justifications for the actions they are going to take, and forecast on expected results from those various sources.

Responsible Parties: Recruiting

Step 10: Job Advertisement / Posting Creation

Review / edit appropriate number of versions for the job posting. Prep posting for internal approval.

Responsible Parties: Recruiting

Step 11: Internal Posting Management

Manage and complete the approval chain for postings internally and externally per governance.

Responsible Parties: Recruiting