Workflow Stage 4 | Selection and Assessment

Step 1: Protected Class and Initiative Validation

Validate that diversity, special corporate initiatives, and other HR requirements for the workforce have been met for this particular requisition.  
Responsible Parties: HRBP

Step 2: Select Interview Team

Work with the Hiring Manager to identify the team that will interview the candidate slate 
Responsible PartiesHRBP and Hiring Manager

Step 3: Prep Interview Team

Provide the feedback forms, debrief / notes forms, etc to the interview team in ample time to prepare for the interviews. It is also expected that that not only delivery is managed, but also understanding of those tools. A simple email with “here is your interview packet / how to give feedback” is not enough to insure that adoption is high, and that usage or training is understood.

Responsible Parties: Hiring Manager

Step 4: Question Assignment

Assign and distribute interview questions and relevant competencies to the members of the interview team.

Responsible Parties: Line of Business Hiring Manager

Step 5: Scheduling Interviews

Interviews are set by engaging the candidate and matching to specific times of the day based that managers are consistency available. A logical order for interviews should be executed.

Responsible Parties: Line of Business Hiring Manager, LoB Administrator / Office Manager

Step 6: Conduct Interviews

The Hiring Manager will manage the candidate(s) through the advancement of the interview process (screen to interview to final interviews) and communicate with them during that time to insure understanding and continue to close the candidate on the opportunity.

The Interview Team will conduct behavioral based interviews with the Candidates.  Typically LoB HM acts as the lead and conducts interviews in person, but occasionally interviews will be held via video conferencing.  Panel interviewing will be used sparingly. Secondary interviews may also be conducted as needed.

Responsible Parties: Line of Business Hiring Manager and selected interview team

Step 7: Debrief Sessions (Optional)

Recruiter or HRBP conducts in person or virtual session with interviewers and reviews their notes / feedback live where a discussion is held whether or not a candidate advanced, that decision will be made during the session. More than one candidate can be reviewed during the debrief session.

Responsible Parties: Line of Business Hiring Manager, Interview Team, HRBP

Step 8: Legal Collection of Feedback

It is expected to collect all notes, debriefs, notes written on resumes/applications, etc., and is send them to HRBP by the Hiring Manager. Collect that work in such as fashion that it is OFCCP auditable and EOC compliant. It is typical that a full legal disclosure report can be presented in an executive summary with details within 3 business days when requested and stored in a central location for no less than 7 years.

Responsible Parties: HRBP

Step 9: Disposition Candidates

Properly disposition and record status in the workflow in ATS as well as communicate to candidates when appropriate that they are or are no longer being considered in this process.

Responsible Parties: Hiring Manager and/or Office Manager