Workflow Stage 2 | Sourcing

Step 1: Posting Management

Posts positions in the ATS and standard external posting licenses. The Recruiting teams will be charged with managing postings per approved guidelines.

Responsible Parties: Recruiting

Step 2: Engage Sourcing Strategies (Prescribed)

Clients will execute certain processes that may be in place to assure a non-biased sourcing approach, e.g., standard postings to CareerBuilder or Monster, posting internally, posting to America’s Job Bank for compliance reasons, posting to alumni organizations of universities the business has partnerships with.

Responsible Parties: Recruiting

Step 3: Sourcing Escalation

Recruiting will engage in either its own sourcing strategies or potentially hiring manager suggested strategies. Those strategies should have a natural escalation that can have variable pricing per step. For example, positions that yield 3 or 4 internal candidates immediately that are qualified require less sourcing than those that do not, and as such variable pricing for the sourcing of those reqs would be accepted. Additionally, requisitions that require in depth sourcing, the usage of internal research teams, or the engagement of ad hoc work can have increased cost basis. Recruiting will be responsible for tracking effectiveness of those sourcing avenues for not only viable candidates, but a diverse slate of viable candidates.

Responsible Parties: Line of Business Hiring Manager and Recruiting

Step 4: Engage Secondary Vendors / Agencies

Is it expected that Recruiting may have to engage another firm for assistance, either at the recommendation of LoB HM, or upon their own action. Per governance and with approval, 3rd party agencies and suppliers can be engaged for research and candidate generation.

Responsible Parties: Recruiting and Line of Business Hiring Manager

Step 5: Evaluate Talent Pipelines

Recruiter will look at specialized talent pools in ATS or CRM, and determine if any talent has been previously identified for this type of role and could be a suitable candidate.

Responsible Parties: Recruiting

Step 6: Recruiting Prospects to Apply

Convince identified prospects to apply to open position per normal protocols or technology use.

Responsible Parties: Hiring Manager and Recruiting (as needed)