Workflow Stage 3 | Sourcing

Step 1: Visual Screening

It is expected that a visual screen of all applicant data will be performed by the Recruiter (or other designate) depending on the role and assignment.

Responsible Parties: Recruiter

Step 2: Audio / Phone Screening

Execution of a phone screen to determine qualification, motivation for interest, and affordability of a candidate.

Responsible Parties: HRBP and Hiring Manager

Step 3: Slate Preparation

Preparation of qualified slate for Line of Business Hiring Manager. The slate typically includes job description, resumes, secondary information of candidates, LinkedIn profiles, and key takeaways from audio / phone screening.

Responsible Parties: HRBP and Hiring Manager

Step 4: Candidate Submission

SOW: Presentation and subsequent approval of one or more candidate to LoB hiring manager.

Responsible Parties: Recruiting or HRBP