Strong Analytical and Technical Knowledge

This competency comprises dimensions supporting an employee’s ability to adapt to an ever-changing work atmosphere. The dimensions and interview questions for Adaptability to Change include those involved with changes internally with colleagues and administration, as well as externally with clients. Adaptability to Change is an important skill for an effective employee at any compan

Dimensions Associated with Strong Analytical and Technical Knowledge

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Analysis (Problem Identification)

Securing relevant information and identifying key issues and relationships from a base of information; relating and comparing data from different sources; identifying cause-effect relationships.

Attention to Detail

Candidates accomplish tasks through concern for all areas involved, no matter how small. They show concern for all aspects of the job, accurately checking processes and tasks and maintaining watchfulness over a period of time.

Information Monitoring

Setting up ongoing procedures for collection and review of information necessary for the management of projects or an organization; taking into consideration the skills, knowledge, and experience of the responsible individuals and characteristics of the assignments or projects. 

Technical / Professional Knowledge

Having achieved a satisfactory level of technical and professional skills / knowledge in job-related areas; keeping abreast of current developments and trends in areas of expertise.  

Technical / Professional Proficiency

Having achieved a satisfactory level of performance in specific technical / professional areas. 


Gathering information and accurately identifying the causes of problems in equipment or work processes in a timely manner.