Recruiter Engagement

A | Assign and Define

Measures both the satisfaction and the experience that both recruiters and sources have regarding the recruiting process.  This also includes employee engagement, their opinions of their boss, how they feel about the work culture, etc.

S | Source

Requisition Data

C | Coding

Report Calculation: CNT([REC_SURVEY.{Rating}])
Trend Calculation: AVG([REC_SURVEY.{Rating}])

E | Easy to Read

Use the same formatting for each visuals.  Sans serif font and grey scale is recommended.  Use the same font and size for titles, labels, legends, axis, etc.

N | Natural Scale

Use a scale that makes sense for the metric, with general dimensions.

D | Descriptive Labels

Use labels and text that help the user understand the graphic. Use a smart title, legend, and annotations as you see fit.

X Axis | [Requisition_Complete_Date]

Y Axis | COUNT [Requisition_ID]

I | Include Appropriate Visuals

Use a horizontal bar chart!

N | Naked Data

We want context and no “noise”.  Use abbreviations, main data points, and no gridlines.

G | Generate Brand

Generate brand assets and color sparingly.