Data Monitoring Features

Data Accessibility

No matter how you work with us, you will have mobile-ready access to your HR data. Whether it be through gaining access to an online dashboard or receiving ongoing analytics reporting every month, week, or day, your data will be delivered directly to any of your devices. Read more to see how each of our products can provide the data accessibility to fit your business needs.

1. Analytic Reporting

Aspen delivers analytics reports on your collected data directly to your inbox. Depending on how you work with us, these reports can consist of a simple email report to full portfolios of analysis. All of our analytics reports are chock full of easy-to-understand charts, trends, and data visualizations that each give you insights into your HR processes.


2. Online Dashboards

For our Talent Congress Team Subscription and Analytics Outsourcing clients, Aspen creates a private analytics dashboard that you can access with a personalized login. Here, your data will always be up-to-date and represented by the same metrics visualizations as your analytics reports. The difference? Now, you can get analysis on your HR data whenever, wherever.


Recruiting Analytics

Aspen has the tools to actively track all of your recruiting data, including your requisitions, recruiters, and social media activity. With our data analysis, you will understand your recruiting methods better than ever. Here’s the specifics on how we monitor all of your recruiting data.

1. Requisition Tracking

Aspen boasts over 100 different measures within our requisition monitoring service. We gather data from various stages and statuses from requisitions, including time elapsed, abandonment rate, completion rate, number of accounts open, and more.

2. Individual Recruiter Tracking

What we Measure:

We track your recruiters on an individual basis. We provide a full collection of insights for each person on your team, and break down individual recruiter performance using all of your collected data. Understand your team better than ever.

3. Social Media Analytics

We have the tools to analyze your employer brand using your social media accounts. We track your activity across multiple platforms and measure your profile’s clicks, likes, shares, and impressions. In addition, we also can track your social media engagement, campaign effectiveness, and clickthrough rate for content that you post and share online.

Data Collection Surveys

Aspen has a suite of data collection surveys that gather information about your HR processes. We track your data using 4 main surveys: candidate experience, hiring manager satisfaction, recruiter engagement, and onboarding and exiting processes.

No matter how you work with us, we put these data collection tools directly in your hands. Here’s what included in each survey.

1. Candidate Experience Survey

What we Measure:

Our candidate experience survey measures how candidates feel about all the stages of your recruiting process, from initial research to new hire orientation. In all, candidates are questioned about 13 total stages of your recruiting process using a standard 1-5 satisfaction rating.


2. Hiring Manager Satisfaction Survey

What we Measure:

The hiring manager satisfaction survey measures how hiring managers view your recruiting process. Similar to candidate experience, hiring managers are questioned on how they’d rate each stage of hiring ranging from applicant screening, interviewing, and communication. In addition, this survey measures how satisfied hiring managers are with their recruiting team, whether the candidates they interview are qualified, if they are receiving enough support from their team, and more.

3. Recruiter Engagement Survey

What we Measure:

Our recruiter engagement survey measures the satisfaction that your recruiters have in their role. Recruiters answer a series of questions relating to job satisfaction, feelings about team leadership, satisfaction with company training programs, and more.

4. Onboarding and Exiting Survey

What We Measure:

The onboarding and exiting surveys both measure how people feel when they enter and leave their employment at your business.

Our onboarding survey questions new hires about their satisfaction with their new place of employment. New hires are asked to rate how well they are integrating into company culture, whether they are being given enough resources to perform their new job, and their feelings about onboarding and training programs.

Our exit survey measures the situation surrounding the dismissal of an employee. The survey uses open ended questions to discover why employees are leaving the business, what the company could do better, and if the employee would consider working for the company again in the future.