CRM’s are terrible!

Join Andrew as he walks Jason off the ledge following some insane valuations on technologies recruiters don’t want to use.

The Rundown mentions: Eightfold, Beamery, Workday, Phenom, Sense, Putin is a cyber Bond villain, Loki is crazy good, Falcon and Winter Soldier reviewed, HR is teed off via Paradox – Ultimate – Workday, and how TruBlue and Randstad are driving FTW.

Topic of the day: CRM
JR tells the false promise of the CRM; AG lays out who really needs a CRM; AG CRMs deliver interviews – not hires; JR matching replaces a CRM; AG why algorithms are killer; JR Recruiting has 2 core value adds; AG exposes the CRM marketing fluff

Plus the best way to eat Haribo Peaches and why you should eat them while watching Hiretual and SeekOut.
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