SMB vs Enterprise Tech…

Andrew and Jason spend some time talking SMB vs Enterprise technologies. Seriously…some of the startups we deal with just don’t understand what is required to be viable and attractive to the Enterprise level.

Analytics: Adding HR data to SEC filings

This is huge! The SEC has ruled that publicly traded companies must now file Human Capital data as a part of their corporate filings. Join Jason and Andrew as they discuss what this means for HR.

Talent Acquisition Week Preview

Join Andrew and Jason as they preview what’s coming in this week’s Talent Acquisition Week conference!

Google has a union now?

Join Jason and Andrew as they talk about unionizing at Google, what union recruiting really looks like, and pay homage to our new digital overlords. Should be fun…and a little paranoid.

Do we really need an ATS?

Let’s face it…nobody is 100% happy with their ATS. In fact, for many recruiters, this tech is a necessary evil vs a valuable tool to manage workflow. Here is the question… do we really need them? Join us as we discuss…