New Hire Vax status – the TA Tech implications

Join Andrew and Jason as they talk through considerations for new hire vaccine status requirements, return to work, remote pay and a bunch of other Covid cleanup topics.

CRM’s are terrible!

Join Andrew as he walks Jason off the ledge following some insane valuations on technologies recruiters don’t want to use.

The Rundown mentions: Eightfold, Beamery, Workday, Phenom, Sense, Putin is a cyber Bond villain, Loki is crazy good, Falcon and Winter Soldier reviewed, HR is teed off via Paradox – Ultimate – Workday, and how TruBlue and Randstad are driving FTW.

Topic of the day: CRM
JR tells the false promise of the CRM; AG lays out who really needs a CRM; AG CRMs deliver interviews – not hires; JR matching replaces a CRM; AG why algorithms are killer; JR Recruiting has 2 core value adds; AG exposes the CRM marketing fluff

Plus the best way to eat Haribo Peaches and why you should eat them while watching Hiretual and SeekOut.

Bots get bought and tech gets ransomed

Join Andrew and Jason as we talk security and analyze a bit of what is happening in the market with some of our favorite bots.

Ouch…that jobs report and Bison Hunting?

Join Jason and Andrew as they analyze the jobs report for jobs created in April, talk top employers around the globe, and I kid you not, discuss how to hire a Bison Hunter.  This one gets a bit weird, come join us and listen in.

Resume Sieve with Mike Yinger

Andrew and Jason welcome Mike Yinger from Resume Sieve to get the download on some new matching tech!