Work out and make more money? No, it’s not a scam.

Last week, Men’s Health posted a report that claims people who work out make up to 10% more than inactive workers. At first glance, I figured this had something to do with the obsession of physical appearance and the idea that the better you look, the further you’ll go (obviously, this is not personal opinion). Then I read the article and was pleasantly interested to find that it does not have to do with appearance, but energy and attitude, attributes often dependent on physical health. It is no secret that the healthier you are, the better you will feel and the more efficient you can be at your job. Hitting the gym releases endorphins which induce a natural high in the body; hence, someone who is physically active will not only have more energy but they will also have a better attitude that can positively affect other people’s attitudes around them. It makes sense.

The study also shows that exercise increases your intelligence level – this is news to me but nonetheless, very cool.  According to Vasilis Kosteas, Ph.D, a professor at Cleveland State University, the increase of intelligence, energy and attitude makes for higher productivity and therefore, a potential higher salary (note potential). But you don’t have to be an avid gym goer to achieve this: The study also finds that even those who only exercise a couple days per MONTH can earn on average up to 5% more than their inactive peers. The same positive effects were found in both aerobics and weight training, so the benefits do not discriminate by your fitness of choice.

I love the findings of this study. It gives us another great motivation to staying fit. Along with the obvious benefits of good health and a longer life, that extra 5-10% in your pocket at the end of the year doesn’t hurt, either. If you are already active, keep it up. If not, you may have more to lose than you thought. We are all cutting back to save money, but the ROI from the money you spend on the gym may just be worth it, both physically and fiscally.

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