Ridiculous and Unusual is Our Normal

Our clients don’t engage us because they simply need to outsource training, a simple set of tasks, or integrate an off-the-shelf technology. That is not what we do. Our clients are usually facing a situation or a set of objectives that they’ve never had before with resource constraints they’ve never had before. The technology and solutions that we create and provide are highly disruptive to the status quo, are incredibly enabling, and allow companies to achieve changes in weeks that they thought would take months or years.

Without Evidence of Change, There is No Change

As consultants who provide efficiency and change management services to our customers, we find it irresponsible to not show concrete evidence that those changes or processes that we have instituted are working, driving change, and yielding hard return on investment.

Improvements are Planned, Not Granted

Change across 100s or 1000s of people is not easy. We rarely see the same exact set of conditions from one company to another, even if their problems are similar. Change management requires using risk analysis, complex project management and controls, motivation and influence techniques, and the ability to know when to alter a plan.

We are HR Practitioners with a Wicked Sense for Tech

We are HR people. Not tech people pretending to be HR people. Our team is derived of human resource practitioners that have a long-standing experience in talent acquisition, talent management, and employee engagement. The team also has extensive experience in technology, software as a service, analysis, and process engineering. We partner with innovators in software development, analysis, and document integration in order to produce practical business tools for other HR practitioners.