What are Favorites Digests:

A Favorites DIgest is an e-mail that the system sends you on a regular basis with updates to those elements that have been included in your Favorites folder(s). Before requesting a ‘Favorites Digests’, you must first either:

1) Place one or more tiles in your personal favorites folder


2) Have access to at least one Shared Favorites folder

For more information on Favorites, see: Favorites – Overview

After defining your Favorites, you can request an e-mail notification be sent to you on a daily basis containing those elements which have changed . You can modify both the timing and the contents of the digest to include the data most meaningful for you.

Below is an example of the structure and type of information that you’ll see in a Favorites Digests.

The Summary Section


If you have requested multiple folders in one consolidated digest, each section will be broken out by Favorites folder. This example shows 2 Favorites Digests: “My Favorites” and “Special Accounts”

Summary Sections are broken down by:

  • Folder
  • Measurement Interval
  • Topic
  • Each metric within the Topic

Each Metric will display:

Comparison to previous periods.

A Preview of the Graph

NOTE: Only metric-type elements will display in the Summary Section; comparison values are not meaningful for reports and multi-metrics

The ‘Body’ of the Digest contains a Chart View and links


  • Title of Chart is a link to ‘live’ version
  • Any comparison values set up by Author of element will appear as they do on ‘live’ chart

Any new Annotations or Alerts are displayed below related element