Using Preference Editor to Maintain Favorites:

Your Preference Editor provides a central place to control all the features available for Favorites and how these Favorites are displayed in your  Digests. This article will provide an over-view of those functions and links to further details if required.

1. Open the Preference Editor from drop-down below your name


Hover over your name to display the drop-down

2. Scroll to the Favorites Section


3. To Add a new Favorites Folder


Select one of the Add New Favorites buttons

3.1. Complete the Add Favorite pop-up


1. Enter a ‘Display name’ (title) for your new folder. This name must be unique to your Home Page

2. Indicate if you would like this folder to be included in the ‘Favorites Digest’ which you can have e-mailed to you.  If you select ‘Yes’ an additional choice appears below

3. Optional. You can select to have the Digest generated when one of two situations occurs:

a. Element update: Digest will be generated on a Daily Basis if at least one element has been changed

b. Date Collection Trigger Completion: Digest will be generated based on completion of certain events.

In either case, only those elements which have been ‘updated’ since your last digest was produced will be included in your digest(s)

4. To Add or Delete Elements from an existing Favorites Folder


  • Click on the ‘Favorite Elements’ icon for a folder that you have ability to Maintain. This could be either a Personal Favorite or a Shared Favorite where you have been granted ‘Ability to Maintain Contents’
  • If you select this option for an folder that you cannot maintain, only a listing of existing elements will display with no add or delete options

4.1. View List of Elements in selected folder


  • Use Delete icon to immediately remove an element
  • User Add new Element to display Add Popup

4.2. Use the standard ‘Add Element’ pop-up to add additional Element


  • You can restrict pick-list for Elements by Category
  • You can select Add All or individual dimensions for those elements broken out by dimensions

5. To Share a folder


Click the ‘Share‘ icon and following instructions here

6. To copy all elements from one folder to another (Duplicate)


Select the ‘Duplicate’ icon to display the Pop-up

6.1. Complete the ‘Duplicate Favorite’ pop-up


  • Assign a unique folder name
  • Choose if you want to duplicate the list of Users and Groups that currently Share the folder or re-assign manually

7. To Edit the various display fields for Favorites, select the Edit icon


7.1. The Edit Favorite options all relate to how elements are displayed in your Favorites Digests