Using HR Analytics to Drive Employee Engagement

In an article about how predictive analytics can drive employee engagement,  Michael Housman, a workforce scientist at hiQ Labs, writes about the benefits of collecting engagement data of your employees on an ongoing basis.

Specifically, he writes that “HR can use engagement data to identify best practices in parts of the organization where engagement is high and transfer them over to pockets of the organization where engagement is especially low”.

We have to agree with this sentiment because we at Aspen have personally put solutions like these in action. In fact, we have a plethora of client stories describing how our in-house employee engagement surveys can improve a company’s overall engagement scores. In the past, our strategy has been to zero in on engagement scores by business unit and function, and then standardizing the best practices across all of them. The result? Higher employee engagement across the board – which leads to more talent retention.

Both we at Aspen and Michael have realized how integrating data analytics into your HR process can help you improve your existing talent. Have you?

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