Use what you have for fuel – even if it makes methane

That’s the edited title.

I hear some people keep talking about lack of data, dirty data, or not using the data they have in making business decisions. In fact they are using the data an obstacle.

If you have lots of anything, consider using it as fuel, rather than simply waste. You have bad data? Spread that all over the place and light it up.

Talk about getting attention. That’s right – expose it. Put it center stage and let everyone know this is the majority of what we have and this is how we make decisions – either using this data or using NO data.

Of course you can’t leave a burning heap in the middle of the stage. Harness the energy it produces to make action. Capture it, and repurpose it.

You can use that energy to produce new methods and then have cleaner fuels.

If people can turn landfills, weeds, grasses, used fryer oil, and manure into fuel, then we can use our dirty, bad, or poor data in order the get some energy and advance.