Twitter’s Amazing Evolution

From Twit? Tweet? What? To 500 million registered users.  Twitter will celebrate it’s 7th birthday in March and I’ll admit that, like so many others, my first impression was that it would never last.


Twitter had to compete against the whirlwind of Facebook with it’s friends, walls, albums, and likes and the complexity of LinkedIn with it’s connections, digital resumes, and endorsements.  How could 140 characters and one little bird overcome such behemoth social media machines?


I think that the answer is in Twitter’s simplicity.  You get 140 characters, so make it count–sort of a challenge.  If you follow someone, there’s no expectation they’ll follow you back.  During a time when accepting friend requests on Facebook and connections on LinkedIn could become a full time job, the simplicity of clicking “follow” and having updates and insights from friends, colleagues and even celebrities that are only 1 or 2 sentences long is refreshing.


And what fascinates me most about Twitter is that it’s caught the attention of corporate America as a medium for communication.  Gone are the days of long press releases as the only way to announce a new product or service.  Apple tweets about the latest version of the iPad, Ford tweets about the newest model of the Fusion, Verizon tweets specials for Fios bundle packages.  A single tweet can reach millions faster than Don Draper can walk from his office to Peggy’s to tell her about a new campaign they’ve got to start working on for Lucky Strike.


You’d be hard pressed to find a company out there without a Twitter handle, or be on a website without a “Tweet” button, or go to an event that doesn’t have it’s own #hashtag.   In the busyness of the world, it’s nice to be able to feel connected and Twitter allows for that connection in the simplest way.


In honor of it’s 7th birthday…#HappyBirthday #Thanksforkeepingusconnected


Aspen is a proud user of Twitter.  Follow us here. 

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