Top 5 reasons you need to be at #SRSC.

Everyone, and I mean everyone who wants their businesses to stay relevant, effective, and savvy, knows how important a role social media can play in this tech-based world we live in. Social media platforms have not only become venues for job boards and recruitment efforts — they are now some of the frontrunners for finding and attracting talent. For those of us playing on the Talent Acquisition field, the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC) is the pinnacle event of the season for specifically that. Here are the top 5 reasons you should be there:

Reason #1: Two days of enlightening social media recruiting strategies to better your biz.

The future of social media is here. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn — forget what you used to know about them (finding friends, colleagues, and uploading pictures of food and animals). Learn how to market the talent search in a way that appeals to specific people, and promote yourselves as “ahead of the curve” through brand-new strategies taught by the best.

Reason #2: A speaker list comprising world-class business leaders and their above-and-beyond ideas.

The 2016 SRSC speakers comprise heads of business, thought leaders, and all around bad-a$$es in the businesses of Social Media Marketing and Talent Acquisition. They know their stuff, and there is no doubt that people on the receiving side of the info presented will be better for it. You can find the full speaker list here.

Reason #3: A San Francisco treat

If you didn’t already figure it out from the image above, this year’s event is held in San Fran, the gem of the Pacific Northwest and home to several A-List players of the industry who will be in attendance.

Reason #4: Andrew Gadomski as emcee of the conference will surely keep you engaged, if not laughing, throughout the event.

Aside from his emcee gig, he is also presenting a panel during the conference on Data Visualization and Storytelling, alongside Bryan Chaney, Barry Hurd, and Kyle Lagunas. Don’t miss out on this!

Reason #5: Networking events galore, and other opportunities for business connections.

Lastly, an added bonus of any conference is the networking opportunities that are presented organically. Moreover, you can bet that people in attendance at this conference specifically are like-minded lovers of modern business practices. What do you have to lose?

(C) 2016 Aspen Advisors

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