Candidate Bill of Rights

We are committed to hiring the best talent and offering opportunities for development over time.  Our great number of annual hires dictates that we carefully select people to enter into our process and then provide an appropriate level of focused attention to move those applicants through our process respectfully–respectful of your time, energy, and career ambitions. 

We must set realistic expectations and meet those expectations over time.  We are not perfect, but these four areas represent our intentions and are standards we strive to meet on a daily basis.  If you are selected to enter into our process, here is what you can expect:

  • Transparency

    We provide quality, actionable feedback to the degree that it is available. We inform you about your status in our process to the best degree possible. We set expectations at each step in our hiring process.

  • Advocacy

    We focus on fit. If it is not a good fit for you as a candidate, it will not be good for us as an organization. We help you put your best foot forward in our hiring process. We seek to first understand your needs. We provide answers to your questions about our positions.

  • Communication

    We promptly return calls or emails within 48 hours. We are available by phone or by email to answer your questions about anything related to the hiring process. We inform you if are no longer being considered for a position. We let you know if a position is no longer available.

  • Confidential

    We do not reveal your job search status with anyone outside of our organization. We protect your reputation in the job market as a whole. We do not call references of your current employer without your permission. We do not share your personal information with any third party. We protect your electronic personal information.