Doing a “one-eighty” and seeing the 360-degree difference.

How is your company perceived by external Candidates who apply for open positions? What about internal Candidates? How would you compare the way your Hiring Managers view your organization’s internal processes with the way the Recruiting Managers do? Are their perceptions similar, or worlds apart? When there is thought disparity about a company’s Recruiting processes – and there often is – it’s time to take a more well-rounded look into the problem.

We’ve seen more emphasis applied to the Candidate Experience, which is vital to the health of any Recruiting organization, but companies often neglect to question the experience of Employees and New Hires, which leads to a certain inaccuracy.

In order to improve the Recruiting process of an organization, a conversation between ALL the people involved is necessary. Candidates, Recruiters, Hiring Managers, Advisors, HR – even the New Hires– should be involved. People have different perspectives on how good (or bad) a company’s Recruiting process is, and it is important to understand it from the different audiences.

Aspen’s way of solving this problem is through its own Experience Suite – Aspen XP. This suite comprises hundreds of thorough experience surveys designed for everyone engaged in the Recruiting and Hiring process. Clients that use Aspen XP are able to customize surveys and create a branded and relevant way to engage all its Recruiting players– and no one is left out. The data collected from the surveys is then analyzed by our experienced Advisors, where the results of the analysis are always action-driven.

Because hey, what is the point of data if you can’t make it actionable?

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