The Reason Behind “Aspen” Advisors

This past weekend, I visited Colorado and made my way to the mountains one of the days. I went on a snowmobile tour where our guide took us through snow-covered mountain trails and heavily wooded areas. He stopped us eventually in an Aspen tree grove, where we marveled at the beauty as the tour guide explained the structure of the Aspen trees. I listened, though I already knew all about them.

Aspen trees grow in groves and all of their roots are connected underground. All of the Aspens that grow in any particular grove are part of the same underground infrastructure, connected by the same lifeline. In essence, all are part of one large tree. The largest of these underground root systems is called Pando, meaning, “I spread” in Latin, and is located in Utah. It is thought to be the oldest and largest known organism in the world at 80,000 years old and weighing over 13 million pounds. (source: Wikipedia)

Aspen Advisors is named for the Aspen tree. We run on the idea that for all aspects of the HR business to work together efficiently, they must be connected by one central system. No division is mutually exclusive from the other; for example, recruiters rely on the sourcers for knowledge, and the hiring managers cannot perform their jobs without the actions of the recruiters. Everyone is connected on this playing field.

Moreover, Aspen Advisors has its own system that we call Pando. It is an interactive ecosystem of tools and services that we offer to our clients. All of these assets are located at one central, thriving lifeline; In the best projects, many of these tools work together to create optimized, efficient processes.

We can learn a lot from the way nature works. After all, it’s been running pretty efficiently for quite some time.


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