The Preference Editor:

Pando provides a series of parameters that can be set to govern key Home Page and notifications functionality in a manner that best suits the way you use the system to do your job. First, your Administrator must decide which of the configurable settings each user is allowed to update beyond defaults established when your system is installed. Once these decisions are made, each user is assigned a set of permissions.

1. Open the ‘Preferences Editor’ page


2. Sections of the ‘Preference Editor’ page

The system displays the ‘Preferences Editor’ page to you and shows only those parameters that you are allowed to manage. To the user who has permission to change any/all settings, the page would look as follows with all default values populated and contain these collapsible sections:


3. Profile Information


Section where you can set:

1. Your name, e-mail

2. Picture preferences

3.1. Edit User Information


4. Home Page Display


You can set:

1. Color schemes

2. Preview options

3. Refresh frequency

4. Favorite add/remove confirmation requirement

5. Placement of the totals section when grouping by a dimension

5. Favorites


Customize your set of favorites folders. You can add new favorite, share it with other users, duplicate folder, fill it with insight elements, edit favorite and remove it.

6. Clearing Home Flags


Set timings for hovering and removal of annotation and alert flags

7. E-mail Notification


You can direct the system to send you information via e-mail to keep you up to date on Insight Elements. Select “Yes” to set more options.

7.1. Adjust E-mail Notification


  • Set e-mail address for where you’d like to receive your Digests
  • Select if you’d like to receive a Digest for your Favorites when they change
  • Indicate if you want one Digest for all Favorites, or a separate Digest for each folder
  • Set to generate a Digest for those elements which are issued Alerts
  • Set how often you wish to receive the Alert Digests. You will receive all those Alerts that were applied since your last Digest was generated
  • Set which metrics you wish to receive the Alert Digest for.
  • Repeat above for Annotations
  • Set this flag to Receive updates to any threads or people that you are Following

You can review all of your Favorites by selecting “Send Favorites Digest Now” link to receive email immediately.

8. Report Viewer


Set how many rows you want the system to display in a data table before it enables scrolling

9. Expired Element E-mail Notification


You can direct the system to send you information via e-mail to keep you up to date on data that has become “stale”. Select “Yes” to set more options.

9.1. Set address, mail receiving frequency, also you can limit elements that are watched


10. Data Entry Preferences


  • Set whether the system warns you that your changes will be lost if you navigate away from the page before saving any data entered or modified
  • Set to ‘Yes’ is you want the system to validate an SQL or Web Service statement (and any contained variables), Set to ‘No’ to just validate the statement itself