The Fall Look-Ahead

I know it’s only August 4th, but Old Navy is already airing their back to school commercials, so I guess summer is essentially over, right?

Back to school, back to hoodies and sweaters, and for us, back to packing a suitcase every few weeks to attend some killer conferences.  Some are new, some are tried and true, and all are getting us excited.

First up in late September is something new for us. Until earlier this year, we didn’t really have any formal connections with the healthcare recruiting industry.  Our friends at Clinical Magnet have invited us to the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) 2016 Annual Conference in Orlando. With talent being an integral part of risk management for any organization, we’re excited to hear how the healthcare field is innovating to overcome the challenges in the industry.

The following week, we’ll be heading to Chicago for one of our favorite conferences, HR Tech.  With some big names on the agenda, including some very near and dear friends, HR Tech never disappoints in its ability to introduce the cutting edge technology that will transform the HR world in the coming year.

While we won’t be physically crossing the Atlantic to attend London Talent Week, we are so very interested in the scope of this event that we’ll be following it closely.  The combination of in-house talent, recruitment & HR professionals, knowledgeable and highly respected recruitment speakers, and inspirational speakers from outside of the recruitment and HR space, makes for a quite a conference.  We are also intrigued by the similarities and differences in how the talent/hr space operate in the U.S. and the rest of the world, so following this event will stoke that curiosity.

And speaking of the non-US talent industry, we’ll be headed to Paris in late October for the HR Tech World Congress. All of these HR and thought leaders in one place, talking about HR technology makes it an international leading event on the future of work.

Sad to miss it, but we’ll be closely following the ERE Recruiting Conference in New Orleans.  ERE Media are veterans in the conference world and always fill their agendas with world class speakers and interesting topics.

Rounding out 2016 will be the HRO Today Forum in Edinburgh Scotland.  As former iTalent competition winners, we love our involvement with HRO Today and their commitment to technology.  This year’s focus on the “talent cloud” will bring a new attention to how companies are leveraging cloud, mobile, and social technologies to attract, engage, and retain top performers.

Hope to see you all out there!


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