A week long implementation of your entire recruiting organization. ATS, CRM, and branding data assets are merged together, measures and KPIs defined, and visualized into the business intelligence platform of your choice.

  • A full scale analysis and recommendation set

    To collect your data, you will receive a suite of mobile-ready apps, surveys, and tools to measure the following insights:

    On top of getting new data collection tools, you are able to send us your pre-existing data to have it analyzed, just like at one of our Events. We accept all types of data that tends to be in rows and columns, including data from your CRM, your applicant tracking system, social media, benchmarking analysis, and previously collected survey data.

  • Virtual Private Cloud Configuration

    A highly secure cloud environment will be selected and setup for the needs of your business. Aspen specializes in high volume regulated hiring, and as such we have cracked the code on how to store data in the cloud for business intelligence purposes. We are OFCCP, EEO, and GDPR compliant, and will make your private cloud the same.

    Standard configurations include:

    1. Regular rotation of administrative passwords, keys and logins to any platforms or accounts used
    2. Pre-scheduled patch management, upgrades of any software, log and calculation backups
    3. Single sign on configuration for your business
    4. Amazon or Azure cloud configuration with tight security, SSH tunneling, hardening, intrusion prevention, logging,
    5. Database encryption of any caches stores
    6. Daily purging of all source ATS, CRM, and other data ingested into the platform (aka we calculate your data, not store it)
    7. IP validation and whitelisting into client firewalls
    8. Signed and computer authorized certificates for all licensed visualization layers
    9. Standard learning documentation, online user guides, and instructional videos
    10. User acceptance testing and approval

    Clients can configure the following, all of which may alter expenses incurred.

    1. Location of data / cloud storage
    2. Dedicated or shared hardware for data / cloud storage
    3. Dedicated or shared tenancy for data / cloud storage
  • Data Flow Configuration

  • KPI and Measure Definition and Selection

  • Dashboard and Digest Sharing & Visualization

  • 2 tickets of admission to 1 GSMI-partnered conference

    Event delegates have 2 tickets to use at 1 world class GSMI conference.

    Conference Schedule:

    Employer Branding Strategies Conference (EbrandCon) – Chicago – May 16-18, 2017

    Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC) – Austin – August 2-4, 2017

    Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC) – San Francisco – January 2018

  • Admission to Talent Congress Pre-Conference Sessions

    Access to Talent Congress talks, workshops and roundtables at each conference. Talent Congress sessions are held as a special Pre-Conference event.

Package Price

$25,500 / summit

5,100 points