#takeaways from #rtrends in #vegas #omgstophashtagging

If I say hashtag one more time, it will be too soon. One video with Jimmy and Justin and one great visit to Vegas made the hashtag part of my vocabulary.

I used the hashtag in regards to the big data summit that I was leading along with David Bernstein and Dan Hanyzewski, and we kept on saying “#takeaway”

I was intrigued though on some of the #takeaways I got regarding big data, recruiting and HR. Below are some, as well as some ideas on how you can advance those takeaways at the office (listed in italics).

1. Big data needs to presented with cases and uses, no more theory.. Wow. During our preso to the main group on Thursday I think we had a mix of people leaning in, people freaked out and people falling asleep. That will be the last time I present anything regarding theory unless I have four hours, like we did during the summit. People need hard examples of how it’s being used, and how it improved either dollars or recruiter impact. Name anything you are doing with data and tell how it’s saving hard time or hard money. Make it that statement no bigger than 140 characters and tweet it.

2. If your team is weak, shame on you leader. That was an awesome conversation I was privy to. Love how people kept saying “I can’t get my team to” or “my managers won’t let me” and how people’s response was basically “shame on you”. Name something you are doing to overcome gaps in your team actively and report out on it to your boss.

3. Innovation in process is on the rise again. Recruiting part time returning moms, focusing on boomerangs in weird ways, busing people in to the company to retain them and engaging our military in several ways all made sense. Sure there was tweet this and social media that, but the business processes and inventive ideas really resonated with me because of their innovation. Name 3 things you are doing in your processes that are innovative, and take those to a business leader and see if they agree. Rinse and repeat until you get a yes.

4. The battle between agency and corp HR is alive and well. Great moderation by my doppelgänger Chris Murdock – not the other way around thank you very much :-) Access to the hiring manager, how to engage, and who is a better recruiter (internal or external) is alive and well. We all sat around the campfire later and had s’mores, but the controversy on what role agencies play is alive and well. Outline how you are enabling a great partnership between agency/RPO, corp HR and the hiring manager, and get all three to agree.

Only a few good connects and a few takeaways get you the ROI to go to any conference. This month I was at 3 conferences. All were worth it. I made sure that I made really strong connections at each and planted the seed for relationships with a handful of others. I also tried to spend time with people I hadn’t seen in a while, and takeaway three or four ideas that I could leverage for my team, my business, my clients and myself. And I did.

I knew that three things were not going to be at this or any conference:
1 blank check
2 secret sauce and
3 silver bullets

So I didn’t look for them. Instead I went away with new worthwhile contacts, advancing projects, and new ideas – and that’s always welcome.