Aspen Advisors provides a comprehensive outsourced service that monitors and improves talent strategy and operations.

We employ a team of experts in the recruitment and talent acquisition space, and combine that expertise with a deep understanding of technologies, business practices, business intelligence, and analytics to offer a service that monitors, audits, and improves recruiting and talent management activity.

Services include the monitoring of all necessary and permissible Talent and People Analytics, use of our solution offerings, and regular reviews. As additional needs are required – such as analytics setup, data cleansing, consulting or customization, Aspen fills those gaps as needed.

Send us your data from your current systems – we take care of the rest.

We take your data, clean it, place it into visualization and analysis tools, and analyze it. Clients get reports on a prescribed basis as they need, alerts and escalations as they are required, and a monthly debrief with suggested actions and needed decisions based on the data provided.

Stop worrying about creating visualizations, doing data cleaning, and figuring out how to normalize and visualize data. That is our competency. Our clients want to focus more on getting great talent and advancing it, not figure out which line chart they need to use.

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