Solid Advice for Graduates Applies to the Millions Waiting to Leave

In March I was interviewed by NYU for ARCHtypes, NYU’s newsletter of the SCPC undergraduate student council. I was asked what needed to be considered when looking for a job, and what advice could I give the graduating class as they hunted in this economy. I focused on social networking, and getting people to understand their online persona and brand.

Nicole Smart, editor of ARCHtypes and senior student perusing a B.S. in Leadership and Management, did a really nice job of putting this into a few simple paragraphs for the student body to digest. I started thinking about this article as we approach the “12 month mark” on this recession. As I review it now, it is just as relevant for all folks looking for work in this economy, and even more so for those looking to move.

Which is why I bring it up now. There are lots of people on the market—even more to come as unemployment passes a published 10% (in many places its already past that). However the big “if” is that most people are looking to move up or out or to something new about every 2 years – and lots of people are overdue on their new assignment. Over the past 12 months, people who were thinking of moving to another job have decided to NOT move. Guess what—they are still thinking of leaving. If you are one of the millions holding down a job, but waiting for a break in the economy to make your move, use this article by Nicole Smart to get jumpstarted.

ARCHtype Article

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