Our Services and Product offerings cover a wide variety of HR & Organizational challenges. At the end of the day, our goal is to work with organizations to create efficiencies that have a direct impact on business productivity. Our solutions use Best of Class HR practices and incorporate today’s most current methodologies and technologies.

We work with 3 kinds of organizations

Large Scale, Global Enterprises

Aspen works with clients on a Global scale – within the EU, Asia Pac, and Australia.
Each global region has unique objectives, legal and compliance issues.

Global HR Outsourcing and Recruiting Process Outsourcers

We create business efficiencies for them and their clients.

Business Intelligence Organizations

BI and Data Analytic companies who are trying to understand the business metrics impacting HR as well as how to dramatically impact the bottom line for large scale, global organizations – ultimately impacting Market Value and overall effectiveness.

Aspen’s product offerings combine a unique blend of subject matter expertise and cutting edge technology.