Reflections of an Entrepreneur’s Independence…


Just over 11 years ago, I opened this business. On my birthday actually (June 8). Each year on July 4, I have reflected on how blessed I am to own my own business, and how America affords (and afforded) me the ability to do that. It is certainly not the only right I have as an American, and not the most important – but damn is it personal.

I was thinking recently how awesome it is that I am living the vision of the business I had over 10 years ago. I am. As I review the meetings I have set up for this month, the projects we are working on for 2017, and are commissioned to work on through 2020 (yes, I said 2020)…it warms me. I did it.

I want to thank America for my rights to do what I do each day. WordPress is the platform that is handy and easy, and so I am doing that.

Thank you America.

I wish I could say it was easy and straightforward. It wasn’t. Like our forefathers, I needed to declare that independence and take on all the risks associated with it. Lean on family, friends, and supporters to win the battles I needed to win…and people to help mend the wounds that were sustained during those battles.

Being a business owner in this weird world of recruiting / HR is not easy. It have battle scars. I have regrets. I have had many failures. I have burned bridges, and in some cases just blown them up. But for each one of those bridges that were burned, or wrong turns made…there are 10 bridges built and a dozen correct turns made.

The costs? My health, my relationships, my supporters.
The rewards? Also my health, my relationships, and my supporters.

Did I ever think of quitting? YOU BET. SO CLOSE.
Did I? NOPE.

11 years later, our “elusive”, “nobody knows quite what you do”, “we hear you do the unusual stuff” brand gets the call when a company needs help and they are out of ideas.

Its flattering and humbling. Our clients are so humble and realize “I can’t do this” or “I should not try to do this myself” or “we need to experiment and maybe fail” – which is such a mature sign of a leader. Somehow, our team, our support, our brand, and our work has produced the ability for us to get the really, really, really hard and unusual stuff to work on. What is even better, is that I get to say NO.

^^ That is more recent. PASSING on work because its too easy OR because it is not helping enough people or is

The data is essential to do that work…but nowhere near as much as the volunteerism our clients exhibit by checking their ego in return for results.

So…again, THANKS AMERICA. You got this citizen living the dream. It wasn’t easy, but nobody ever said democracy or independence would be easy. You have to want it bad 🙂

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