Recruiting in 2015 – A Whole New Ball Game

Today’s recruiting world is in a league of its own (if you haven’t already figured it out). HRO Today’s Russ Banham recently interviewed various leaders and experts in Talent Acquisition on how new technology has single-handedly pushed recruiting outsourcing into a “new era” – and we could not agree more.

Technology, specifically cloud-based and mobile technology, has had a major impact on the recruiting business. The entire candidate experience has been revamped by it. A candidate can now download an app on his or her phone, see a job listing, apply for that job, and schedule an interview – all from the same app. Companies are also more in tune with the experience of the candidate. As Banham puts it,

“These experiences result in a positive word of mouth about the employer’s brand, and can be cultivated over time to nurture the company’s future employment needs.”

The overall engagement from everyone involved, from candidate to Hiring Manager, matters.

Aspen Advisors’ own Andrew Gadomski was given the opportunity to weigh in on all of this tech talk surrounding recruiting. As a leader in the TA analytics and data space, Aspen has produced its own Talent Acquisition Experience Survey Suite, Aspenxp, which encompasses the technology and expertise Banham discusses within his article. With Aspenxp, Gadomski and his team have produced this engagement, benchmarking, and experience platform not only to advance the candidate experience, but also the experience of recruiters, hiring managers, new hires, leadership, and HR.

 “HR leaders want clearer visibility across the enterprise and better means to turn data into actionable information to make better talent decisions to drive the business forward,” says Gadomski.

Data isn’t about how much a company can get; it’s about getting the right data, and turning the information into actions that effectively move the needle on business goals. In a high-tech recruiting ballgame, technology will remain the MVP, as long as it has the right team behind it.

Read the full article on HRO Today here, page 10.




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