2 Novices try Sourcing for the First Time: Recruit ‘Em Review

This past week, Aspen Advisors had 2 of their associates, Brittany and Chandler, try their hand at sourcing for the first time. The two recently had their first experience with the sourcing tool “Recruit ‘Em“, a “clever” and free tool that constructs boolean queries to find candidates across social media websites. Here is what they had to say.


Compared to some other sourcing search tools that we used, Recruit ‘Em’s interface was very clean and easy to use. The tool build boolean strings that can search profiles on LinkedIn, Google Plus, GitHub, Xing, Stack Overflow, and even Twitter through Google. I was able search the web more effectively than a simple Google search, and come up with targeted candidates with the qualifications I was looking for.


Recruit ‘Em is a nifty little Boolean String creator that generates copyable search terms that you can paste right into Google. I really liked how you were able to parse X-ray results by website, location, position, and even company for the search. For our first sourcing project we were assigned two different locations to search for candidates. This tool made it easy to gather a lot of qualified candidates at the click of a button. I will definitely be using this tool again for future sourcing projects, especially if we are looking for developers.

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