Human resource processes are typically compiled from a series of methods, strategies, documents, forms, and specialized training. Rarely are these elements combined into one place that complements the systems that HR professionals use to input data related to these processes.

Our toolkit applications are comprehensive e-learning environments designed to combine the many methods, training curriculums, documentation, and system instructions embedded in a HR process. With these toolkits in place, processes can be communicated consistently and changed easily.

Interactive Processes and Workflows

  • Clearly show processes for all users and stakeholders
  • Add interactions and pop-up windows for detail
  • Make edits in PowerPoint and publish to mobile ready platform

Embed Email and Document Templates Seamlessly

  • Add email templates to any step, and have it autopopulate in your native email app
  • Insert documents or training aids at any step for quick reference or communication

Add Multimedia and Training

  • Embed insights, webinars, video and training right next to process steps
  • Quickly change multimedia by editing in PowerPoint and republishing

Glossaries and Repositories

  • Store as many documents as you need in simple to find indexes
  • Preview documents with zooming images
  • Regain version control