Preparing (or not) for the mobile takeover.

In October, Lewis DVorkin wrote an article in Forbes Magazine that covered the importance of being mobile accessible at all times. Businesses truly can’t survive any other way. The article posed the following question: “What happens if 75%, 90%, even 100% of our audience goes mobile. What if consumers want mobile native stories — bursts of information, not an endless string of paragraphs?” What if?

It’s hard to imagine, as we sit in front of our laptops and desktops to do work that it is more than likely these “relics” will be obsolete, taken over by handheld smart devices where employees are able to get as much work done as they could have with a big laptop. In terms of evolution, this change will occur, and it seems it is rapidly approaching.

Many businesses have taken the necessary steps to adapt to this ongoing change, Aspen included, but I am curious if anyone is truly ready for a full-blown mobile apocalypse: a time where smart phones and tablets eat laptops and desktops and turn them into other smart phones and tablets. Just kidding, but you get the idea.

I still like doing work from my laptop. Even sending emails seems more efficient and professional on a computer versus using my iPhone. Some will say it’s because I should be using a different smart phone, one that is better for work purposes, but I would disagree and say that it’s the size of the screen and keyboard that makes a laptop or desktop more work friendly.

Don’t get me wrong. I am fully aware and welcoming of the age of mobile-only business, and I am sure I will adapt as well as the next millennial. I love that my company uses modern, mobile-accessible platforms built for clients and employees alike. I am just not sure I’m ready to relinquish my laptop just yet.

Anyone else? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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