Candidate Quality Slate

  1. Companies have the choice of evaluating how well the business interprets the quality of the choices that are presented on requisitions or in specific segmentations. This can be measured a number of ways. Hiring Manager Satisfaction measures this using subjective data and likert scale collection, while conversion metrics that pass through the AEIOU progress also are valuable.
  2. Aspen recommends looking at conversions of Applicant to Evaluated (Source to Screen), Submission to Interview, and Interview to Offer as measures of Quality of Slate. Interview to Hire may also be evaluated (ATAP recommendation) but tends to be as revealing as Interview to Offer.
  3. Service level agreements can be set for an outsourcing provider for Candidate Quality Slate. Aspen recommends that a minimum percentage of submitted candidates are accepted  by hiring managers for evaluation / interview AND that a minimum percentage of all slates have a minimum number of candidates. We do NOT recommend the use of averages for any of these measures, as it skews the perception of quality by normalizing the outliers.

Quality of Slate
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