ASCENDING is an acronym Aspen uses as a checklist to optimize each visual.

(A) Assign and Define: the measure is defined and documented for global standard use.

(S) Source is listed.  Typically this is candidate or requisition data obtained from an ATS.

(C) Coding and algorithms are written in native language or system.

(E) Easy to read. Use the same formatting for each visuals.  Sans serif font and grey scale is recommended.  Use the same font and size for titles, labels, legends, axis, etc.

(N) Natural scale is used with specific dimensions with general dimensions.  Note the smallest and largest size of data.

(D) Descriptive Labels: Use labels and text that help the user understand the graphic. Use a smart title, legend, and annotations as you see fit.

(I) Include Appropriate Graph Type.  Examples include line charts, multi line charts, bar graphs, etc.

(N) Naked data is best; minimize extra “noise” with annotations.  We want context and no “noise”.  Use abbreviations, main data points, and no gridlines.

(G) Generate brand assets and color sparingly.  Often branding is added to the footers, imagery, iconography, and animation.

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