We get asked “how do you do [this]?” all the time. We get asked even more “what do other companies do to do [this]?”. What we don’t get asked to often is “what do you consider when addressing the problem?”

That was one of the best questions we were ever asked, and it happened in the first month of the business.

Consulting firms are in the business of creating and delivering solutions for another organization, so you would think they have an approach and a list of considerations that they use. Some don’t. We do.

At the highest level, we keep awareness and adherence to the ideas below. We believe that by keeping these ideas in mind, we approach a project differently than others. We see from different angles, and think about more than what has worked for others, but we also think about what needs to work for this particular project.

We encourage you to read through these ideas below, as it will help you better understanding our approach to solving problems, creating solutions, and helping our customers.